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Koks vacuum tankers and super suckers.

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Koks special products is a manufacturer of high end advanced vacuum tankers vacuum loaders and vacuum lorries. With the head office located in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. We supply a broad variety of industries within the United Kingdom. We are proud to call ourselves a market leader in industrial cleaning equipment like vacuum vehicles, air moving trucks, gully suckers, super suckers and hydro excavators based on every truck throughout the range. Either the vacuum unit can be built on a trailer, based on a truck or in a container. Supplying all the possible parts for our vacuum tankers and vacuum products makes us a reliable long term partners when it comes to vacuum equipment.


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Used vacuum tankers

Are you looking for a used vacuum tanker? Operating under the flag of the Koks Group we have our company AQ Used. Which offers a wide range of used vacuum tankers. Proofing our Koks Vacuum tankers can last several industrial life times.

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